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Pop-in Reusable Fleece Nappy Liner (Pack of 10)

Pop-in Reusable Fleece Nappy Liner (Pack of 10)

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Made to keep nappies cleaner and little bottoms drier!

Fleece liners are a reusable alternative to compostable liners. There are two main reasons to use a liner, firstly they can help protect your nappies reducing catching the poo and reducing soiling and staining but the main benefit of the fleece liner is it will create a stay dry layer helping to keep little bottoms drier for longer.  This is especially true of our fleece liner as it is made using a special fast wicking yarn which quickly wicks away moisture from delicate bottoms.  Each pack contains 10 liners, these are shaped to fit our Pop-in nappy perfectly and cover as much of the nappy as possible in use but may also be used with other nappy brands and system as well.

Composition - 100% fast wicking polyester fleece (No Frills Fleece Liner)
Size: 31 x 14cm (18cm at the widest part)


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