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Our vision is to provide a clean, sustainable future for our children to grow up in through the use reusable products.

Our mission is to provide parents with information about the use of modern cloth nappies and other reusable and recyclable products, so they can make an informed decision about what they purchase and how it could benefit their family and the environment.

17th September 2017

Hi, my name is Ann and here's my back story:

I am a proud mother of two little piglets, James (3yo) and Joshua (1yo). A few years ago, before I had James I started to change the way hubby and I lived.  We moved away from disposable and one use items to reusable and recyclable products wherever possible.  It made sense for us to use cloth nappies on the boys considering our lifestyle change.  James was in cloth nappies part-time when he was born. We mainly used disposables for nights as we just weren't as persistent with cloth during the nights when sleep was so valuable.  By the time we had Joshua we were confident enough to use cloth full-time with both boys.  James is now toilet trained with the occasional night accidents, so we have moved from no nappies to more dirty clothes and sheets.  It feels like I’m always doing the laundry even though only one piggy is in nappies. 

I started Little Piglet in 2016, after I had Joshua.  Starting this business gave me the flexibility to work part-time at my place of employment instead of having to go back to work full-time.  I needed this flexibility in my life to make things easier on myself.  After 3 months of age, James was in child care so I could go back to work full-time.  Life was very stressful at that stage.  I had this idealistic vision that I would be a stay-at-home mum, but that wasn't in the books for me.  I, like most parents have to juggle with work-life balance. I had too much on my plate and ended up with the baby blues. I was determined not to be in the same situation when I had Joshua so with the support of Justin (hubby), I started Little Piglet.

Every brand stocked are brands I use and trust. I have used most of the products stocked in my store. It also includes the sanitary pads.  I have now started my own range of products which I am very proud of.  

I wanted to share my little story with you because I wanted you to know that behind Little Piglet is a family that has their ups and downs, good days and bad days.  Sometimes things don't go as planned and orders may be delayed.  I just hope you can understand and know that I will always do my best to reply to questions, queries and post orders out in a timely manner. Questions about any of the products I stock is usually answered with first hand knowledge, if I don't have the answers I will seek them out for you. I have used most of the products, not all but I am confident that all the brands I stock make top quality products.

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I want to wish you all the best during your journey through parenthood and hopefully I can be a part of that journey in some small way.