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Little Piglet

Reusable Swim Nappy (OSFM)

Reusable Swim Nappy (OSFM)

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Composition: 100% Polyester
Made in China.


  • Fits from 4kg to approximately 20kg
  • Adjustable waist snaps
  • Adjustable front rise
  • Two layers of fabric:
    • Outer layer: Polyester
    • Inner layer: Bird eye mesh

This swim nappy is designed to catch solid Poos, and when fitted properly is leak proof.  The difference between this swim nappy and regular swim bottoms is the extra fabric around bub's bottom.  This is so when bub has an accident it isn't squashed against their skin and leaking through the legs and up their back.  This swim nappy is easy to remove and clean. Liners can be used but are not required.

Wash Before Use.


How to wash

If not soiled - rinse in cold water and line dry. They can also be rinsed and laundered with regular clothing in the washing machine.

If soiled - remove solids and flush down the toilet and follow the steps above. It is recommended that you wash immediately to avoid staining the nappy.

How to adjust sizing: There are two rows of snap buttons on the waist band, the top row is to fit bub's waist and the bottom is to fit bub's legs. To find the right fit, snap the corresponding buttons together. The nappy should fit firmly against bub's skin. If the fit is too loose or tight, adjust to the next set of buttons. 

To adjust front rise: snap the top row of buttons to the first or second row of snaps to shorten the nappy. This can be done before or after fitting the nappy onto bub.

NB: A common miss conception about swim nappies is that it will hold wees because it is leak proof.  This is not the case. Swim nappies are designed only to catch poos so make sure you put a nappy on bub for the car ride.


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