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Toddler Swim Suit (Vintage Range)

Toddler Swim Suit (Vintage Range)

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Toddler Snug Swim Suit


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-Medium Kokeshi Doll
-Large Flamingo, Kokeshi Doll
-XL Rocket

As your baby grows into a toddler, they just love splashing around at the pool or beach. Keep them protected from the sun (and nice and warm) so they can enjoy swimming lessons year round. 

This range of Close designs coordinates with the rest of the Close collection, so your baby can be as cute and trendy as they are sun smart!

Swim suit for toddlers

  • made from special UPF50+ three ply laminate to keep your toddler protected in and out of the water
  • soft fleecy inner keeps toddler snug and warm
  • designed to be worn over a swim nappy
  • opening gusset for quick changes, getting you back to the water fast
  • stain resistant outer layer
  • soft stretchy fabric, so baby can kick and splash in comfort
  • wetsuit-style back zip and neck press stud for easy changing

Better for children

The swim suit covers baby’s arms, shoulders and upper thighs, allowing them protection from the Australian sun’s damaging rays. And it keeps them warm and snug during winter time swimming lessons. 

Better for parents

Save money with reusable nappies and enjoy more fun frolicking in the water, knowing baby is comfortable and protected.

Better for the environment

When you choose reusable nappies, you prevent harmful chemicals from disposables going into landfill, taking decades to decompose.


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