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Snap Blockers

Snap Blockers

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Most parents love cloth nappies with snap closures because it's not as easy for the baby to pull off, unlike hook & loop nappies. Snap nappies can be a little challenging for other carers though.  Sometimes they put the nappy on too tight or too loose (but if we're being honest, it's never too loose).  Snap blockers can be used to cover the sockets that don't need to be used to avoid those nasty marks that are left on baby's thighs and waist from a nappy that's been put on too tightly.

Snaps come in three parts. The Cap, the Socket, and the Stud.

The Cap is usually the visible part of the snap component. This is used in conjunction with the socket or stud.
The Socket is the female part of the snap.  It is the one that is usually on the front of the nappy.
The Stud is the male part of the snap that joins together with the socket.  This is usually on the flap of the nappy.

The stud is usually the part that is needed to block the exposed sockets.

We sell the Stud with or without the cap on.
The fabric used between the cap and stud will either be suede cloth or microfleece.  We are currently using navy/white microfleece fabric for the cap on studs. 

Size: 20 (12mm)
Quantity: 10 Studs/Sockets
You can leave us a note with your colour preference at checkout, otherwise they will be chosen at random.

Note: Postage for Snaps only (without tracking and insurance) is $3.00.  Please contact us if you would like this option. We will create your order manually.


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