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CLOSE - Pull Up Night & Day Toilet Training Pants

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Is it time for your little one to transition to undies at night? Is your child is almost there, but just needs a little extra absorbency in case of accidents?...
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Is it time for your little one to transition to undies at night? Is your child is almost there, but just needs a little extra absorbency in case of accidents? These training pants are the solution.


They are great for children who don’t want to wear nappies any more (or who have outgrown their nappies), but still need some protection. These pants help to minimise the extra washing (of wet clothes and sheets) usually associated with the toilet training process.


These night time pants are a great alternative to day time training pants as they provide full waterproof coverage over the entire pant.


This is not a nappy!

  • made to look like big kid undies
  • slim and discreet to help with confidence
  • easily pulls up and down
  • absorbent enough to handle a single wee 
  • pocket for inserting a booster pad for extra absorbency
  • waterproof layer and elasticated cuffs and waist to help prevent leaks

Better for children

Because they look like undies, night-time pants help with your child’s confidence. And they’re less absorbent than traditional nappies, so they allow children to feel the uncomfortable sensation of wetness, which is an important facet of the toilet training process especially important during the night when we are trying to teach a child to wake to use the toilet. Plus, the gentle fabric is soft and comfortable on your child’s skin.


Better for parents

Disposable night time nappy pants cost up to a dollar each—or more. Reusable nappies are the cheaper long-term option, even if your child learns quickly (and especially if you have more children).


Better for the environment

You’re preventing nasty chemicals from disposable nappies going into landfill, and that's good for everyone.


How absorbent is this product?

It is designed to handle a small amount of fluid (up to 120 mL), which is usually the volume of a single wee. With a booster added, it can absorb up to 250 mL. So if your child is wetting several times a night, a more absorbent nappy is required. (Typical nappies can absorb more than 300 mL.)  


Will it leak?

If your child wets more than once at night, it will leak. That’s because it’s a transitional product designed to handle a only small amount of fluid. If your child is waking with a very full nappy, or this nappy is leaking regularly, wait a few months until there are fewer night time accidents.


How many pairs do I need?

It depends on how often your child wets at night; this can vary greatly. Some children are dry from eighteen months, while others are much older. Generally, we suggest toddlers from the age of two or three use two pairs per night. Children aged three to four can use one pair per night.


Tips for parents

  • start by using the night time pants with the booster, and when it’s no longer full in the mornings, use the night time pants alone
  • turn them inside out to put the booster in the pocket
  • The top slim booster from your Pop-in nappies fits perfectly inside the night pants and can be used to double the absorbency of the pants.
  • see care instructions for tips on washing and drying


Perfect fit size guide 

Customers tell us these are on the small side, so size up if you are not sure.


Additional Info

Made from 100% polyester TPU laminated on the outer, and a 100% polyester fast wicking inner core.


Care instructions

  • turn them inside for washing, so they dry faster
  • wash inside out on normal cycle up to 60॰
  • line dry inside out
  • avoid stain removal products that can cause discoloration
  • to remove stains, rub with detergent, place the soiled trainers on a cold rinse before your normal 60°C wash and then line dry inside-out in the sunshine (the UV will help bleach any stains).
Postage Weight: 150g