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Pop-in Training Pants (Vintage Range)

Pop-in Training Pants (Vintage Range)

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Toilet training can be a confusing time for parents. There are a variety of methods and approaches to try, it’s no wonder you’re bewildered.

At least you can rely on Close Pop-in toilet training pants. They allow your toddler to feel the moisture so they can learn the difference between dry and wet. But they’re still able to cope with a typical wee.

Comfortable, reusable, grown-up pants

  • super soft and comfy
  • made from fast drying microfibre
  • draws away moisture to prevent nappy rash
  • easily absorbs a typical toddler wee
  • waterproof to reduce leakage
  • easily pulled up and down to encourage independence
  • looks like grown-up underpants
  • elasticated waistband and leg cuffs for snug fit
  • adorable fun designs that kids will love


Make the transition to big kid undies easier

Taking a toddler out in undies is nerve-wracking for parents. You can never quite relax because you’re worried that an accident may happen at any moment.

Toddler training pants are the ideal solution. They are less absorbent than traditional nappies, so your child can feel the difference. Yet they can still handle an accidental wee. So you can go out and about with your toddler with confidence. Learning how realise that it’s time to go is tough! These pants make it easier.

Better for parents

Pull up nappies are expensive, especially when they feature cartoon character logos. That’s a few dollars thrown right in the bin each day. Reusable, washable alternatives are far cheaper, and that’s a win for parents!

Better for the environment

Disposable nappies go straight to landfill and take decades to decompose. By choosing reusable nappy products, you’re helping reduce environmental damage, and that’s good for everyone.

Additional info

  • outer layer:100% tencel
  • inner core: 100% polyester microfibre
  • waterproofing: PUL coated polyester
  • inner layer: 100% polyester (fast wicking and fast drying) 


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