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BUBBLEBUBS - Foamy Wipes Concentrated Solution 100mL

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It is the best priced wipes solution on the market and definitely the easiest to use. It is not drying on babies skin and comes in a range of delectable scents that will make nappy changing fun!

How to Use

After making up the concentrate into your foamy bottle you simply pump 2 or 3 foam squirts onto babies bottom and use your cloth wipe to wipe away any poo. You dont need to wet the wipe as the solution goes straight onto the baby so there is no waste and a lot less mess.

To make up your pre-made bottle measure 20ml of the concentrate and pour into the 200ml foamy bottle and fill with distilled or demineralised water (in the laundry aisle at the supermarket), give a quick shake and its ready to go.

It contains no SLS and is made from natural ingredients


De-mineralised water, potassium soaps of organic olive, coconut, vegetable glycerin, 25% soap content in water, apricot kernel oil and fragrance.

Tips on Use

To make up the foamy wipes wash solution first gently shake the concentrate to combine the ingredients.You may need to do this with the solution in the foamy bottle once made up. Measure the amount of concentrate and distilled water for the appropriate foamy bottle.

  • 20ml concentrate and 180ml distilled water for a 200ml foamy bottle or
  • 5ml concentrate and 45ml distilled water for a 50ml foamy bottle

*distilled water is recommended, do not use tap water.

We suggest you change the solution in the foamy bottle fortnightly. If you are finding that the amount of solution in the large foamy bottle is not being used within the week, start with a smaller amount ie:

  • 10ml concentrate and 90ml distilled water or
  • 5ml concentrate and 45ml distilled water

To extend the life of the foamy bottle please follow these handy hints:

  • to clean: the bottle can be washed out by pumping water through the foamy bottle head
  • if the pump starts to stick, turn upside down and pump a couple of times. This works well when you are flushing the pump with water or the bottle is empty.
  • do not overfill - the bottle is not designed to be filled to the top.
  • do no clean the pump under running water or by submerging in the water.

Fragrances Currently Available:

Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Monkey Farts, Newborn Baby, and Sea Salt & Lotus Blossoms


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