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Stained/Smelly/Mould/Strip Wash

Stained Nappies


Nappies that have staining caused by bodily functions generally will fade over time with help from the sun’s UV rays.  We do not recommend the use of bleach as it can damage the nappy's elastics and waterproofing. 


Sorbitol/Panadol Stains


Sometimes babies need to take pain relief like Panadol. Some pain relief medicines contain Sorbitol which can cause the nappies to stain. There is nothing you can do to prevent the staining from happening as Sorbitol is passed through urine. Again sunning the nappy is the best way to get rid of the stain but may take a while to fade.


Please note that some stains may not fade at all.




Smelly Nappies


With a good wash routine the nappies should not be smelly. There are occasions where our normal wash routine may not be enough.


For instance, baby has started to sleep through the night and has been in the nappy all night. That nappy may have a strong smell. I would suggest that you rinse out that nappy before putting it in the dry pail. Rinsing it will help break down the acidity caused by the urine. It’s always a good idea to do a pre-rinse cycle without detergent, whether by hand or in the machine, this will to help to clean out the nappies prior to your regular wash routine.






Mould is caused by moisture and warmth. Mould loves humid climates so preventing mould is always the best course of action.


Here are some tips:

  • Store nappies in a cool place
  • Dry pail, with lid off whenever possible
  • Wash everyday or second day at most
  • Clean your nappy bucket/pail/bag between each load
  • Keep the laundry well ventilated
  • Regularly check your washing machine for mould
  • Leave your washing machine open when not in use to dry out
  • Clean your washing machine regularly 


Found mould?  Not to worry. Here are some tips:

  • Wash the nappies with half a cup of vinegar and line dry in the sun
    • Only wash the affected nappies in vinegar. One vinegar wash should be enough to kill the mould spores on the nappies.
  • Wash your nappies more frequently than before
  • Sunning the mould stains should fade the stain but may take some time to disappear
  • Check the washing machine and the rest of the house for any mould spots.  Remove the mould.  Our suggestion is to use a 50/50 vinegar and water solution. Spray the solution onto the mould and wipe it away.




Strip Wash


We recommend that your avoid strip washing if possible. But if you suspect that your nappies are repelling instead of absorbing the urine caused by build up of oils, from such products like fabric softeners, nappy rash treatments etc then a strip wash may be necessary.


To Strip Wash:

In the laundry tub or bath tub, add a few drops of dish washing detergent to warm water. Never exceed the maximum temperature recommended by the manufactures. Wash and rinse. You may need to rinse the nappies a few times before all the detergent has washed out of the nappies. Once the water runs clear without any suds appearing, put your nappies in the washing machine and wash them as you normally would.


We do recommend using Canesten Hygiene Laundry Rinse if the nappies need to be sanitised.