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Nappy Library Hire

Starting a new family is exciting.  There's so much to do to prepare for your new bundle of joy.  Making the decision to use cloth nappies is a great choice for both your baby and the environment, but it can be daunting for some parents.  There are so many choices, so many questions that need answering.  What style should I get? How many will I need? Will they fit? Will I like them? Would my partner be willing to use cloth nappies? Etc, etc, etc.  We have made things a little easier by offering a Nappy Library. 


After you have trialed the nappies comes the hardest decision you have to make, which beautiful colours and gorgeous prints do you want to buy?

Nappy Hire Packages start at $10/week for 6 nappies.

  • 06 nappies - $10/week
  • 10 nappies - $12/week
  • 15 nappies - $15/week
  • 20 nappies - $20/week


Preemie and Newborn Nappy Hire Packages are $15 for 20 nappies.

Minimum hire: 2 weeks.

Bond $100 (refundable). Return postage $20.


Please email us at info@littlepiglet.com.au if you would like more information on hiring out nappies from our Nappy Library.


Questions about the library...

What conditions are the nappies in?
Nappies in your library are either brand new or in very good used conditions.

May I choose which brands/colours/styles for my package?
The brands, styles and colours are chosen at random from available stock. We try to keep the colours gender neutral. Unfortunately, with all our all library packages you cannot pick specific colours/patterns/prints but you can request to have boy or girl colours.  You can make special requests below but we cannot guarantee that you will get what you request. 

There is an option to get the Customised Library Package for those who would like the guaranteed specific brands and style, please email us at info@littlepiglet.com.au if you would like to choose this option.

When does the hire start if you have to post them out to me?
We allow 5 business days for postage before your hire starts.

What do I do if the nappies are too small or big?
Get in contact with us and we will work something out.  Generally, you can post the nappy back to us and we will post out the next size up or down but you will have to pay for postage and your hire will not be extended.  Please make sure you give us the correct weight of your baby to ensure you get the maximum out of your hire.

When do I have to return the nappies?
You have 3 days after your hire ends to clean, dry and post the nappies back to us. This date will be listed on the checklist (which you will receive with your package).

What if I want to extend the rental period?
You can extend it at any time.  When extending your hire we offer a $5 discount per week you extend the package. Please get in contact with us at any time during your hire.

What if I want to keep some or all the nappies?
Get in contact with us and we can work something out.

What happens to the nappies once they are returned?
The nappies are inspected for any damage, and classified to what conditions they are in once they have returned to us.  Nappies that are no longer in our library are sold in our Bargain Box as a Pre-loved item. 

Bond is $100 per package. Your bond will be returned after we have received and inspected the nappies (this process may take up to 5 business days).


Postage is free to get the package posted out to you. But a $15 return postage fee is payable, this for an Australia Post Pre-paid Satchel.  This is non-negotiable.  

Please Read our Terms and Conditions before hiring from our library. 

What you will receive in your package, other than your beautiful nappies:

1. Goodies Pack Valued over $20

2. Checklist
On your checklist, there will be three dates: start date, end date, and a postal date, which is the nappies must be posted back by (3 days after hire ends).

This lists of all the items you have received and all the items that need to be returned to us at the end of your hire period. 

Your Australia Post pre-paid satchel tracking number is also listed on this checklist, please double check that the tracking number corresponds, we will use this tracking number to check the progress of the parcel’s return to us.    

3. Washing Instructions
Nappies must be washed at least every second day. Soiled nappies should be rinsed straight away then dry pailed until washing day.

Under no circumstances are you to use fabric softeners, vinegar, or bleach on any of the products you’ve hired from us. Please be mindful about which washing powder you use. Washing powders must not contain optical brighteners, or whiteners. We recommend the following laundry detergents:

  1. Rockin Green Laundry Powder
  2. Biozet Attack Rapid Liquid
  3. Earth Choice Liquid (white bottle, not clear bottle)
  4. Bosistos Liquid or Powder

Nappy rash creams that contain zinc are not recommended without some sort of liner protection. Nappy rash creams that have direct contact with the nappies can ruin and/or stain the nappy. We recommend using a microfleece liner to protect the nappy. Alternatively, you can use corn starch/powder or a natural nappy rash cream such as BubbleBubs Botty Balm or coconut oil. If you are having issues with nappy rash, please get in contact with us for some helpful suggestions.

Drying in the sun is optimal but if you need to use the dryer, please make sure it is on the low heat/temperature setting.

Please ensure any nappies with hook and loop (aka, Velcro) are fastened to either the laundry tab or the front of the nappy prior to washing and drying to avoid pilling of the fabric.

Stains/Damages to the Nappy
Light stains from bodily functions are normal but dark stains will be considered unacceptable/damaged. We request you promptly washing out the nappy to try and minimise staining. Sunning the nappies will assist in removing stains caused by bodily functions. Any other types of stains will be unacceptable.

4. A copy of the Terms & Conditions.