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Pre-made Foamy Wipes Bottle (50mL)

Pre-made Foamy Wipes Bottle (50mL)

Little Piglet
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Ready to use Foamy Wipes Bottle is the perfect size for when out and about.

To Use:

Simply pump a few squirts of the foamy solution onto baby's bottom and with a dry wipe, wipe away the poo.

Storage: Cool, dark place.


Lavender - Demineralised water, Castile Soap, & Lavender oil
Lemon Scented Tea Tree - Demineralised water, Castile Soap, & Lemon scented Tea Tree Oil
Unfragranced - Demineralised, & Castile Soap 25%

Care Instructions for bottle:
  • To clean, pump clean water through the foamy bottle head.
  • Do not clean the pump under running water or by submerging in water