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Organic Cotton Fitted Nappy 5+kg (4 PACK)

Organic Cotton Fitted Nappy 5+kg (4 PACK)

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These one-size terry diapers fit the whole diaper period and can easily be adjusted with the snap closure. Improved fit with soft elastic in the back.

The diapers have trims and snaps in 4 bright colors. Colours are packed at random. They are soft, flexible, dry quickly and are easy to put on and take off. The insert is not sewn together with the diaper, which gives you flexibility to choose not to use it, or take two when needed such as overnight or nap time. They have soft elastic around the legs for a snug fit and high absorbency.

Use in combination with one of our popular diaper covers sizes Small and bigger.

Suitable for babies over 5 kg/11 lbs.

Made in Europe