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You’ve probably heard that disposable nappies are full of harmful chemicals. But, do you know exactly what those chemicals are and what they can do to your baby? Since nappies sit against your child’s skin for 2.5 to 3 years of their life, you will want to know what they are made of. This is why we’ve compiled a list of common chemicals found in disposable nappies and what kind of health risks they pose for your baby.   Chemicals...
Why Switch Cloth Nappies? Did you know that Australians use 5.6 million nappies per day, adding over 3 billion to the country’s landfills every year? What’s more, these nappies take around 500 years to decompose! Not only that, but disposable nappies are full of harmful chemicals that can cause long-term health consequences for your baby. Switching to Cloth Saves Energy and Natural Resources The initial act of manufacturing disposable nappies alone requires huge volumes of pulp, plastic, paper, water, and...
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