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If you’re like many other moms, your stash of cloth nappies seems to grow bigger every day. You come across adorable new prints and just have to have them! Plus, you probably have a bunch of different types of cloth nappies from prefolds to all-in-ones. Even with a basic stash of 24 cloth nappies, the addition of liners, covers, and inserts, make it easy to get disorganized. So, take a look at these cute and functional cloth nappy storage ideas to help you organize and show off your stash!


The Best Way to Organize Your Cloth Nappy Stash


First of all, it’s important to keep your stash organized so you can grab the nappy, cover, insert, booster, or whatever you need as quickly as possible. It’s best if your storage system is right next to your baby’s change table, since you should never leave your baby on the table unattended. If you forget to grab a clean nappy on the way, you have to bring your baby with you to go get one. Ideally, you keep your nappies within reach.


In many cases, you don’t have to purchase or build anything to set up a cloth nappy storage system. You can repurpose a bathroom cabinet, a couple of drawers from your dresser, or even your kid’s future toy shelf. You may even need more than one changing station in your home. For example, perhaps you want to set up a changing station on each floor of your house if you have two levels.


Many moms recommend storing cloth nappies ready to go. For example, stuff inserts into your pocket nappies before they go into storage. But, keep extra inserts at hand in case you need to add some absorbency when changing your baby. You could even lay liners into nappies before folding them into storage.


Keep your overnight nappies, booster inserts, and anything else you need at bedtime in it’s own storage container or basket. Items that you don’t use as often, such as pre-folds or flats that you tried once and decided against, can go in their own separate section.


1. Decorative Shelving



Decorative shelving is a great way to put your colorful cloth nappy prints on display. Long, narrow shelves can be mounted on the wall out of the way and keep bulky nappies from using up storage space in your change table or cabinets. You’ll be able to find a variety of pre-built wall-mounted shelving in different sizes at most hardware or home design stores. Mix and match small and large shelves so you can store different types of nappies together. For example, put all your all-in-ones on one shelf and pocket nappies on another.


2. Drawers



Drawers fitted with drawer dividers are a classic and simple way to store a large variety of baby care products close to or inside of your change table. You can separate different types of nappies, and even include things like wipes, liners, inserts, and nappy covers in the drawer. Plus, it’s always rewarding to open one of these drawers and be greeted by all your wonderful nappies folded nicely together.


3. Repurposed Toy Shelves



Toy shelves can be used for more than just your kid’s toys. Many moms are finding them useful for storing cloth nappies and other nappy solutions. The colorful plastic bins of different sizes are perfect for organizing your different types of nappies so you can grab the one you need without digging through a messy pile. Keep you nappy creams, wet bags, and change mats in there as well.


4. Rolling cart



One clever mom has organized her baby’s cloth nappies and supplies in a mobile rolling cart. This is great if you don’t have a lot of space around your change table and want to store all your cloth nappy supplies somewhere else in the room. Then, when it’s time to change, you just roll the cart over to your change station. These rolling carts often have hooks as well, which are great for hanging a wet bag off of.


5. Baskets



Baskets are an adorable way to store cloth nappies in cubby holes. You can pull out a whole basket when you need to get access to the type of nappy that you want, instead of disturbing a pile of nappies that are folded on top of one another. If you don’t like to spend time folding things, baskets will keep your stash looking effortlessly cute and rustic.


6. Shoe Organizer



A shoe organizer is an ingenious way to store cloth nappies if you’re short on space. Natalie Holladay thought up this simple solution. Just hang it up on your door and keep all the nappies easily within reach. The only problem with this is it might be more difficult to store smaller items the shoe organizer, such as inserts, liners, and cloth wipes. Keeping it simple with all of your cloth nappies looks pretty nice though!


How to Store Your Your Cloth Nappies for the Long-Term


Once your child is finally done using nappies, it’s time to pack them away for future children. Before long-term storage, cloth nappies need to be thoroughly cleaned. Give them a deep clean through your washing routine. You may even want to strip wash them to remove any build up of nappy creams or washing detergent. Remove as much staining as possible from the nappies since stains can become worse as they sit. Before storing, make sure the nappies are completely dry since you don’t want to open up your stash in the future to unpleasant mold or mildew and damaged elastics.


Store your nappies in a breathable container such as a cardboard box, pillow case, or cloth bag. Plastic containers lock in smells and moisture, so it’s best to avoid these for long-term storage. Keep your cloth nappies in a cool, dry location such as in a closet or under a bed. It’s best not to store them in the basement or attic where they’ll be exposed to moisture or heat.

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